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Hi reader! I’m Nancy Renaud. An energetic French woman who has evolved in the Parisian streets for what looks like forever!


I used to be so self-conscious and had very low self-esteem. Fashion helped me a lot and now I know how to help you get over it.


What brings me here with you today, is my excessive drive for everything that is BEAUTIFUL and SUBLIME in the universe. So, of course, fashion soon became vital to me!

Here is some key information about me.

  • First, I am a PERFECTIONIST freak! Cautious with detail, everything has to be and look perfect!
  • Second, I prefer QUALITY over quantity. My taste in clothes and material also applies to food!

Little background story 😉 It all started when I was a little girl and my dear great-grandmother gave me a choice. I was to choose between a tiny piece of super refined chocolate or a bag-full of cheap chocolate… Guess towards which my already curious mind took me?! (drum roll…) Of course, I laid the tip of my fingers on that fabulous small piece of heaven. It triggered my very first gustatory fireworks!!! I was hooked!

As a consequence, although the world of esthetics might seem superficial, I’ve always attached a more in-depth look to it. I take a particular interest in the essence of things and people – hence the reference to the “sublime”. I find people to be an incredible and infinitely interesting source of inspiration. Long ago, I made a promise to myself: endeavor to reach the inner beauty of things at all times. Therefore, my work might be about fashion and beauty, but not only in the surface approach of things. With me, the best of you will come out and reveal itself to the world. I have the ability to make you beautiful in all ways if you follow my lead!

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