The rainbow that creates identity

The colors each have their own vibration, a unique range that influences your life and the lives of those who see them. Beware of what you reflect of yourself!

Colors have a strong symbolic significance that influences the wearer AND also those who see them! Each color emits a different will, sets an emotion and feelings that reveal:

  • a nature,
  • a (sensory and emotional) past,
  • a mood !

Any choice of clothing has an impact, first on you, then on the people around you (family, friends, companion, colleagues and passers-by, even)! It seems essential to me to pay attention 😉

Those who devote themselves to the practice of color, without the science of color, are like pilots who embark without a drawbar or compass, and never know for sure where they are going. “- Leonardo da Vinci

To prevent you from appearing spectral 😉 I’d rather like to see you as white peacocks searching your colors. My goal is to guide you on your journey to find the colors that work best with your unique palette!

-Nancy with OUAStylist at your service –

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