Pilates Holistique OUAStylist avec Nancy


Your Body Transformational Tool

Reconnect to the Heart-Mind

Pilates is part of my program because we need to get our energy flowing. Movement:

  • activates energy
  • boosts the immune system 
  • grounds in the present

You become more:

  • effective
  • energized
  • healthy!

In 2013, I noticed when giving makeovers that if the person did not have good posture, the spark wouldn’t come out as easily! Pilates soon became a necessary tool for my clients’ complete transformation

Good posture for overall well-being!

  • rehabilitate a wider range of movement,
  • reclaim comfort,
  • restore strength.

Who can do Pilates?

Anybody!! So far, my clients have ranged from 10 to 92 years old! 

My 9 months training at the Pilates School A-Lyne in Paris, France (part of the Californian Balanced Body University), taught me anatomy and body movement for alignment and harmony. 

I adapt the type of exercise to your needs

Most of my clients hurt somewhere (before they come to me): back pain, had a shoulder surgery, hip replacement, knee issue… 

Bad posture: the Bane of Modern Life

A well-aligned body counter-balances bad sedentary habits that bend our body.

Do you ever spend hours in front of a computer screen or head tilted down looking at a smartphone daily? It changes our posture. Our body starts compensating for the imbalance, which leads to more discomfort. Disharmony gradually sets in, creating blockages.

Top 2 Consequences of this Modern Phenomenon:

  1. Daily discomfort: back, cervical and upper body issues (not to mention the shortening of the lower limbs which are stiffened and lose flexibility);
  2. Loss of self-confidence: Did you know that our posture impacts the people we interact with? Poor posture can send contradicting signals that can scare people away – judging you as untrustworthy and even threatening, for instance (creating anxiety and feeding a vicious cycle). 

Pilates: a Virtuous Cycle Activator

I incorporated movement as part of my Inner-Beauty Styling program to:

  • Heal  your posture: bone and muscular alignment.
  • Restore balance and harmony into your life: become mindful of your present body. 
  • Focus on what you can control: quickly master precise movements.
  • Learn to let go: save your energy and let it flow effectively through breathing.
  • Stand proud, tall (gain about 1 inch!), and inspire confidence, reliance, trust

We will reestablish balance and harmony so that your body is in tune with your plans and wishes! A beautiful body for a beYOUtiful soul! May the force be with you! 😉 Can’t wait to see you!

Nancy @ OUAStylist


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    24 thoughts on “Pilates

    1. I actually took Nancy’s virtual posture class, and I really liked it!
      5/5, It really well done for being an online/virtual class. I feel like I got some good tips out of it. 🙂 well done, and thank you!

      1. Awesome! Thank you Ren for giving it a go! 🙂 You did really good! Hope you apply those tips in your everyday life so that you can feel more comfortable on a daily basis in your activities! 🙂

    2. j’ai jamais vraiment aimé le sport. et lors de mon premier cours j’étais pas vraiment motivée… mais dès que le cours a commencé une énergie hyper positive et agréable s’est dégagée ce qui m’a vachement aidé pour m’investir! Nancy est super, elle accompagne même dans la difficulté et on sent qu’elle est réellement investie dans ce qu’elle fait!
      super expérience! à refaire!

      1. Oh merci Julie! Bravo à toi! Tu as trouvé la force en toi de mettre ton corps en movement et il te le rend bien! Joli travail d’équipe! 😉 Contente que aime ma façon de faire! À bientôt!

    3. I sprained my wrist a couple of months ago and I was sceptical about restarting sports right now — even if my doctor told me it was fine. Nancy really helped me regain my strength gently. Now, I do not fear to go to the gym again (because she actually accompanied me for one hour and checked my posture on machines). Not only did I discover pilates, but I feel more in control of my own body. It’s an awesome sport and Nancy is so dedicated! I definitely recommend!

      1. Azelia I am so very glad you feel more in touch with your inner and outer strength! You are doing such progress! Keep it up! It’s my pleasure working with you 🙂

    4. Après une entorse, j’ai décidé d’aller prendre des cours de pilates. Nancy m’a remis sur pied et m’a offert une aide très personnalisée et m’a reboosté pour mes activités du quotidien. J’attends patiemment son retour prochain en France pour une autre séance de Pilates!

      1. Merci beaucoup Romain! Je suis heureuse de pouvoir vous apporter satisfaction! On s evoit très bientôt à Paris! 🙂

    5. A 55+ male, I recently strained my knee and decided to get treatment. Nancy confidently explained how pilates could be helpful — and she’s right! After a couple sessions my symptoms are a bit relieved already and we identified some core issues towards better health.

      It’s obvious to me that Nancy’s coaching and exercises have helped me improve posture and flexibility – a key benefit from accepting her approach.

      Nancy is positive, very observant and committed to excellence. She shows true care and personal interest in her clients’ well-being.

      1. Thank you Michael! You are indeed making a lot of progress very quickly! Your posture improved at the end of the first hour! And your knee will keep getting better by getting your body to move in harmony with its alignment. And with the care and attention you’re giving it! I’m confident you will be feeling as new in a month or two! 😉

    6. I started Pilates with Nancy after much convincing from friends and family. I had heard that pilates would be grueling and I wasn’t sure that I could do it. I rescheduled my first session multiple times out of fear and eventually made it to the first class.
      It was better than I could have ever hoped. Nancy was encouraging and was having a blast. She corrected my poses and the slight actions I made to make my moves more targeted. I love the way she talks you through each and every exercise and stretch as you do them. I highly recommend Nancy’s classes to anyone who wants to have a stronger relationship with his or her body.

      1. Oh thank you so very much Charlotte for your testimony! I indeed love seeing you improve each time. It’s so wonderful to see you learn to control your body and create a synchronicity that reveals inner-harmony. I LOVE witnessing in my students/clients the “knowing” feeling that you demonstrated recently! You definitely feed my need for evolution/growth! Seeing it in others is as gratifying (even stronger I wonder) than when I see growth in myself so thank you! 🙂
        Can’t wait to see you rise above any physical boundaries you may have! I want to see you a Free Bird, tall, proud, beYOUtiful! 😉 (Love Lynyrd Skynyrd haha!)

    7. Nancy is one heck of a knowledgeable and fun instructor, I really enjoy taking her pilates classes. She always pays close attention to her students’ breathing and posture to make sure that the correct technique is mastered from the beginning. After each class muscle tension is significantly reduced and body feels lighter. I highly recommend Nancy to anybody who wants to improve their posture and strengthen core muscles!

      1. Hey Marina!
        Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you are getting all these benefits! Your posture needs subtle changes so I’m happy that you keep up the good work! You are experiencing the origin of the activity that used to be called “Contrology” when Joseph Pilates was teaching it! See you tonight!
        ps: Sorry for the late reply, the msg did not show up till this morning for some reason! 🙂

      2. I concur with you Marina. How can a Pilates class be better than Nancy’s? I honestly don’t know. I’ve taken a lot of karate classes and such, but I wanted a change from what has been a little too strenuous on my body and health at times. That is when I found Nancy. With her I discovered Pilates. And since I started practicing Pilates with her, my body is in a better shape, more aligned. Moreover, Nancy notices every little detail. She doesn’t let you get away with it 😉 I really do recommend sessions with her!

        1. Haha! Oh my! (blushing) Thank you Dustin. Your body is indeed changing. Your muscles are becoming more flexible and your movement range has expanded quite a bit. I love that you challenge your self each time by adding the intensity you desire. I personally love that feeling too! Having your muscles fully activated and yet learning to let go… what a rush! It was not called “contrology” for nothing! 😉

    8. I am a first time Pilates participant (if that’s the right word), fortunate enough to be working with Nancy over the last few months. As my fitness background has been composed mostly of either running unpleasant distances or lifting heavy things repeatedly, it’s been eye opening for me on a few levels. First, I’m amazed by how great the workout actually is in terms of both how challenging something that looks simple can be and how much it is helping my body. The impact on my posture alone has been unbelievable in a very short time and has given my self-image a huge boost.
      Second is how beneficial it has been to work through the process with Nancy. She’s able to make it extremely challenging, but also achievable so you don’t feel like you are not able to get the full benefit compared to someone with more experience. She is also very attentive to adjusting motions where needed. I have several joints that are problematic; Nancy has made some slight changes in the way I move that allow me to work harder with a lot less pain.
      I can not recommend Nancy’s classes highly enough. She is always encouraging and fun to work with, and gets results. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

      1. Scott, your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for such a kind a testimonial! You are a great client! You take my advice into account each time and you apply them to best of your ability. Your hard work is key to your change. Thank you
        Like the poem (by William Ernest Henley) that inspired Nelson Mandela says:
        YOU are “the master of (your) fate: (you are) the captain of (your) soul”.

    9. Nancy is an amazing instructor. Her Pilates classes incorporate challenging core work with focused breathing. You can expect a challenging session that always varies every time you attend. She is also a very kind, intelligent and Duke educated 🙂 Highly recommended

      1. Oh thank you Paul! You’re too kind!
        I’m so glad you enjoy it! I enjoy having you! You’re doing so much progress each time! See you soon!

    10. I love taking your classes! I’ve had bad posture since I was a teenager over 20 years ago and never really thought I’d be able to do much about it. After just a few classes, I’m noticing that it is easier not to slouch all the time, and the regular pains I would get in my back are gone. The best part, is I can see a difference in my lower belly (always my toughest spot to target) and it’s really boosted my confidence. Thank you for being such a great teacher and so patient with me as I’ve been learning. I’m excited for the next class!

      1. Thank you Felicia! Your intention to make this work is the hardest part and you’ve got it! No wonder you are thriving! It is such a pleasure to witness you blossom! Thank you! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    11. I am a first-timer to pilates and wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered was a surprisingly simple process of controlled precise movements to achieve a desired outcome. That is to say simple, but not easy movement that has already provided increased flexibility throughout my body. Nancy doesn’t miss anything and gives great feedback and encouragement throughout the workout.
      It is surprising to me that I had a real workout from such simple movements. Nancy’s skills in all of this is key. We primarily use just a mat and a roller for now.
      Pilates with Nancy is a great way to do something really good for yourself.

      1. Thank you Lee for your comment! I appreciate it!
        I’m so enjoying working with you! Thank you for trusting me!

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