Have you ever wondered…

“How do French women know how to dress?”

You’d love to feel the same? I’ve learned the hard way that all you need to do –aside from understanding a few key things– is to look right inside the person in the mirror! 😉

You are beautiful and I will help you reveal it to the world with a few tips! 🙂

Even if obviously composing a “beautiful” style is part of the desired effect + my French touch… Together we will find the look that creates and/or prolongs your natural harmony: we will seek your inner beauty.

A new way to dress…

In my opinion, a piece of clothing must adapt to you. It will be well chosen, if it seems to be an extension of you. Wearing it must feel and look natural – even though I am known to ferret out items that can look unusual at first impression! 😉 The mirror will reflect an image you like; an image you can be proud of.

That is why I do not necessarily base my choices from the latest fashionable trends. My focus is you: what composes you and what framed your basic style.

…for better communication

We ARE what we WEAR.

Let’s make this phrase work for our advantage: let’s not create distractions to the eye of the person we’re interacting with. He/She would feel the disharmony if you are not comfortable. As a reminder, discomfort is communicative and throws off all attempts to good communication. Self-confidence also is communicative and inspires trust!  

Of course, to every body-shape its advice. We will highlight the benefits of your morphology while alleviating what you may be hang-up about!

oua makeover

Why Find your own Style?

Finding your style allows for:

  1. Having control over what you wear:
    Chance no longer decides whether you will feel disguised or comfortable.
  2. Gaining self-confidence:
    When you consciously choose what you are going to wear, you are setting yourself back in the center of your life.
    From THEM to I.
  3. Communicating better:
    By wearing outfits that are extensions of Self (your history, personality, mood, desires, etc.), a certain authenticity emanates from you, a self-assurance that radiates. The people around you will be touched by it.
    From MASKS to REAL exchanges.

My role:

To help you discover what suits you in terms of:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Shapes and patterns

How ?

I start from:

  • your History
  • your Desires
  • your Needs
  • your Goals

The Steps :

  1. An assessment will allow us to determine your style by answering a few questions + Colorimetric test.
  2. Your wardrobe will provide us with a base for exploring what suits you and understand the fashion faux-pas + We will see how to arrange clothes.
  3. Action: We will go together in a store to complete the outfit and so that you experience in person the new way for you to dress up!

As a Result:

You are no longer afraid of the mirror!

You will have at least one complete outfit on which you can build upon and evolve!

A “cluster” goes from shoes to underwear through accessories – a set of 1 to 24 pieces or items.

– Nancy @OUAStylist at your service –

For further detail

Make colors your allies!

Find the cut and the hairstyles that underline best your facial features!

Know: Where to apply makeup, What part to wax/pluck, What shape for your eyewear and for the beard!

Let's go !

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    5 thoughts on “MakeOver

    1. Nancy is full of energy and we hit it off right away. She has confidence and charm, and can easily talk on a range of interesting topics while being open and friendly.

      I first took one of Nancy’s pilates classes, and it was quite interesting. She definitely knows what she’s doing, and she was very patient and encouraging. Afterwards I felt not only more balanced and relaxed but also energized and wanting to exercise more.

      The next time I saw Nancy we went clothes shopping together. I had looked at an emerald green jumpsuit, but hesitated because the jewel tone and narrow straps were a bit “out there” for me. She picked it back off the rack and told me to try it on. Of course I loved it, and bought it. When I wore it several people gave compliments, so I’ll definitely wear it again soon.

      I’m really looking forward to spending more time with Nancy, and seeing what gifts she will be sharing next!

      1. Thank you so much Pam for your kind words! It was my pleasure! I love seeing people glow. When I saw that jumpsuit, there was something about it. I knew you’d probably reject it (like it often is the case at first 😉 but it was worth trying it on. I had that feeling that it was you – a you YOU may not even be aware of yet. And a few minutes later, there you were, glowing in a bold color! Empowered! Thank you for trusting me and giving it a try! You are bringing more “wow” into this world! Thanks for being a part of OUAStylist! 😉

    2. “ I LOVE to mix colors and patterns to make beautiful, unique outfits that really express who I am inside!”, she exclaimed rhapsodically.
      I was standing in a store, staring skeptically at a daring outfit combination hand-selected for me by Once-Upon-A-Stylist founder (and my new fashion guru) Nancy Renaud. My dubious gaze bounced back and forth between the boldly audacious jumpsuit, and the boldly audacious woman who was holding it up for my approval. Sporting skinny jeans, high-heels, and a blue and yellow striped blouse, perfectly paired with a multicolored scarf punctuated with industrial-looking rivets, she looked like she had just strutted off of a Parisian catwalk; her impeccably coiffed hair was styled to emphasize the makeup she had tailored to complement her outfit. I, on the other hand, having thrown on my usual gray leggings, black tee-shirt, gray duster sweater and black knee-high boots, hair in a no-fuss ponytail and makeup as minimal as I could manage, looked like I had just stumbled out of a support meeting for the recently hopeless. Gray and black had become something of a uniform for me in the past few years. For me, colors were exceedingly rare….patterns were an unequivocal NO.
      “Face it-“, she said gently but firmly, “-you are stuck in a fashion rut! Just try them on; if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong”, she shrugged.
      I finally relented and took the colorful selection of clothes from her manicured hands. She chatted cheerfully to me in the dressing room while I quickly donned the first outfit. I figured the faster I got it on, the faster I could take it off and return to the safety of my own, nondescript duds. I fastened the buttons and looked in the mirror and… my jaw dropped open! I couldn’t believe what I saw! Gone was the mousy, wan-looking reflection I had been expecting, and in its place was a vibrant, youthful-looking woman.
      “We-ell?” Nancy asked in her charming, French accent.
      I opened the door with a ridiculously large grin on my face and executed a playful spin so she could admire her handiwork.
      “Très jolie!” She gasped enthusiastically.
      I was sold! I spent the next hour happily trying on any and every piece of clothing she brought in for me- each article chosen specifically to compliment my personal body shape, coloring, and personality. I agonized over which items to purchase, but Nancy was with me every step of the way and together we chose the most best and most versatile outfit combinations.
      The best part? I didn’t have to break the bank to look and feel like a star! Everything Nancy had selected was well within my budget! Thanks to Nancy’s expert advice, I was able to find my own inner-stylist, and now I am not afraid to put together unique, sometimes even daring outfits that allow me to feel the most natural and beautiful I have felt in a long long while. Thank you OUAStylist!!!!!

      A. Hancock
      – Raleigh, NC

      1. My god! This is wonderful Aubrey! Thank you so very much for this beautiful piece of writing. I’m feeling very honored! A short story just for me! 😉 I have a feeling I’m going to dedicate a Blog Post just for you! 🙂

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