Healing by energy

  • Helps release emotional and physical blockages;
  • Relaxes you deeply;
  • Supports you in moving forward;
  • Lifts challenges.

When you slow down, ground and travel inside yourself, you discover the wonders of you. So much more becomes possible! 

Come see and experience your SELF in a different light! 🙂 

You’ll leave peaceful and may get messages to guide you on your path. Each person experiences Reiki differently and each session is unique. 

Hands on or Hands off

No need to be touched to get the benefits! “Universal Energy” is transferred from the practitioner through the palms to the parts of the patient that call for it. Because it’s your transformation!

This Japanese technique is very respectful. It will not be “pushed” in you. It will go where you call Reiki.

How does Reiki work?

We are so much more than just our physical body. We have multiple layers inside but also outer layers that are more than what’s visible to the common eye. Our energetic bodies – among which is the aura – are what can be sensed without sight. (That is one of the reasons why dogs know we’re coming home when they can’t even see us in the drive way!)


Ouside of Inner-Beauty Styling packages, a single Reiki session of 1hr-1hr30 is $75.

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