Inner-Beauty Styling

How OUAStylist can help you feel good and look good, all-in-one

I myself am a survivor of many hardships. 

For a very long time I was led to believe that I was insignificant; never enough. At about 16, I started realizing that I wasn’t supposed to be kept in such a tiny box. The long road to rebuilding my self-image was very lonely and ugly at times! 

I explored all kinds of therapy and self-help that was available. But traditional therapies and even unconventional ones treat pieces of you, never the person as a whole. I felt scattered, torn, broken. And at the end of the day, I was always alone. I felt I needed something extra. Something that would help me see, reunite, love the woman in the mirror.

Nothing like that was out there. 

Through my broad personal experience of traditional and alternative therapies and through completion of my post-graduate studies in Paris (France), England and then at Duke University into Psychoanalysis, Sociology, Anthropology in addition to extensive personal research about the inner-workings of human beings to determine what is innate from what is taught, I put together a program that helps people break out of the box they are in: 


Once Upon A time you dreamt of who you could become… OUAStylist is the magic wand that styles you into You!

That is why I created OUAStylist and the Inner-Beauty Styling so people could learn to reconnect with their Inner-Beauty and then stand in it, wear it and glow in it!

You are beautiful. Together, we’ll bring your inner-beauty out and style it according to you! You’ll never be alone again!

Atypical approach

It is a little unique in that it helps you reach your inner-treasure trove from the Outside-In.

I chose to refocus the attention on the essence of the person.

kósmos is “the order of the universe“.

I consider my work done when all that constitutes the person reconnect and become One. 

Mind (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual) 

The mind is a very useful machine as long as the database is not based on and controlled by fears and doubts. To avoid or circumvent this mechanism, and ultimately, to help reprogram the mind, Inner-Beauty Styling makes friends with it. My technique begins with the “exterior” to reach the inside. It’s my way of reconnecting the soul to its vehicle.

Coaching program

Your Inner-Self is what matters to me most. It is the origin of all of you. Only from it can we trigger any kind of outside transformation. 

Body scan

Therefore, we start with a Body Scan that helps you look at your life from your body’s perspective. It gets you to put together things you haven’t before.

You’re never alone. You do the work but I’m with you; guiding you along the way. 

You’ll see… Our body speaks!!!


I’ll then give you little challenges to broaden your comfort zone. 

We’ll establish a plan of action; clear goals so you can be “on purpose”. You’ll take control of what matters in your life and, most of all, learn to let go of what you can’t control!

The support system

To achieve this, I implemented 3 approaches in addition to the coaching sessions:

  1. First, there is the Body and its Structure. I use my Pilates Balanced Body University training from A-Lyne School in Paris to align the body in its bone and muscle structure, in a holistic way. By reconnecting with your body, my approach allows you to be more in touch with your heart-mind (see more below).

  2. Then, I care for our envelope: Skin. I was trained on the composition of natural products by a chemist in Paris. For several years now, I create, compose and personalize my formulations of Natural Cosmetics according to the needs of my clients.

  3. Finally, the outermost layer of our Appearance: Professionally trained in Cosmetology, Morphology, Style, Hair Styling & Color Theory at the International Success Institut (ISI), Paris in 2015 to support roughly 20 years of studying harmony in colors and shapes. Since “everything I wear says something about me“, we will find together what is you (hairstyle, clothing, accessories…).

Posture through Pilates

Let’s find Harmony for your Body:

  • Control
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation

Become Master of your fate!


Because Gentleness is a
core component of

Let’s take care of your Skin with
Custom-Made Cosmetics
that I create out of
Natural Ingredients.


Let’s Discover together:

  • Outfits
  • Colors
  • Styling
  • Shapes that are made for you!

So you can beYOUtiful wherever you go! 

What OUA clients say

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    8 thoughts on “Inner-Beauty Styling

    1. How do I even begin to write a review for someone who I feel has given a small piece of themselves to help me improve my mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing?

      Never in my life have I seen someone be filled with as much joy, passion, and support when another person discovers things about themselves and begins to make realizations that move them in the direction of healing. Nancy Renaud is an amazing woman, a woman who, since the moment we got to know each other, saw a spark in me, a spark that I had been trying for numerous years, probably most of my life, to light flame and show its beautiful colors to the world.

      I had basically began to accept the person I was at that time, a person who was afraid to even look too long at herself in the mirror, a person who was still struggling with various health issues such as stomach problems, headaches, and facial swelling. I was not comfortable with the woman in the mirror, but I had decided that I was just gonna hope that maybe someday I would get better and if not I was just gonna have to live never fully being happy. I have a long back story of all the issues that I have been dealing with, but I don’t need to get into all of the specifics in order to reveal to anyone reading this that if you are at all hesitating to undertake Nancy’s Inner Beauty Styling coaching sessions or going to one of her workshops, or do a pilates session, or experience anything she offers to the world, let this be the thing that makes up your decision to go for it.

      After going through so much therapy and doctors who could never fully help me get to the place I wanted to be, when Nancy told me that she could help me reach the happiness I was striving for, I naturally didn’t believe her. I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know if I still had the strength or hope to start a new program because I was afraid of putting in more effort for not much of a positive result. Plus I was seeing a therapist who was helping me quite a bit, but not addressing the core of my issues so I could actually heal. Once I finally decided to give it a go, I realized that it was the right choice because it was nothing like I had ever experienced. What she has to say is eye opening and you will learn something every moment you interact with her. She puts so much time and effort into getting to know the true person you are and what you are struggling with and then works to cater everything she teaches/coaches you to your specific situation instead of using some sort of cookie cutter model. I am a 20 year old, female UNC Chapel Hill college student. I have been through my fair share of medical doctors and therapists for the past 5 or so years with success from some, but not the extent that Nancy has been able to help me accomplish in such a short period of time.

      Her style is different from normal therapy or wellness coaching in that she harnesses knowledge from ancient healing systems, teaches you how to use all of the signs and tools around us that the universe has to offer, and really gets to the core of why you are feeling the way you do. I see the world through new beautiful eyes and I want that so badly for everyone who lives in this world because I’ve never felt as confident and comfortable in my own skin as I do today. I see the sadness and pain in the world and it hurts to know that there is a way out but people are scared or don’t even know that this way out exists. I know it can be tough to believe in this kind of alternative healing. You might be thinking that, “This is some weird ancient voodoo sh*t that hippies do and is not really my thing,” and it makes sense that you might be thinking that, because at first I was really unsure about all of this talk about the universe or our body giving us signs and that there is this energy all around us. If anyone understands feeling unsure about this, it’s me because both of my parents are doctors and so all my life I have grown up only really knowing about traditional western medicine. I was also scared because I knew I was really going to have to work hard and face things that therapists don’t always try and learn from you but she does. She pushed me in a way that no one else had before, to help me break free from the layers of boxes and masks that I had glued over top of myself and instead just be authentic and feel powerful in my body. It’s a harsh competitive world out there, especially as a college student who is trying to figure out who the f**k she is and what her “purpose” is in life. Many times I feel lost and things happen that make it feel like the world is just out to get me and laugh at me. Nancy has been a large factor in my life that helped me to believe in happiness and beauty again because I went through some really dark times in my past.

      The biggest thing I think I learned by doing her coaching sessions was that the world and life is not this huge scary thing that is out to get you at every turn. I used to be lead by what she describes as the “Dark Wolf,” which puts myself in a victim position and forces me to just sit on the sideline and watch as the life I want passes me by. I never believed that I could actually have the life I wanted to have, there was always something holding me back. But then I learned that there is also a “Light Wolf” in us all. No matter how dark you feel, that Light Wolf is holding on for the moment you realize that you can hop on top of it and ride it to victory!! I learned from Nancy how to call this Light Wolf to action and ever since I have brought it out, I have felt so free, like a huge weight was lifted off of me. It’s so freaking amazing how different I feel and I can’t even go back to the way I was feeling before, even if I tried. I don’t know how to go back so I don’t think I ever will. I am me everyday and it makes me so happy to see myself now. I respect and love myself, and now strive everyday to continue to take care of this precious person. Do I still struggle with things in life? Yes, of course! This program doesn’t turn you into a god or something. I’m still human. But what is different when I experience hardships is that I know how to deal with them in a way that is loving and kind to myself. I am constantly checking in with myself to try and identify the feelings I am having and what needs are unfulfilled so that I can work to feel better again.

      I will touch on one more thing. Recently, Nancy helped me come out to my family that I am attracted to both sexes, something I had been holding on to for many, many years. First, I never wanted to admit it to myself that I had those feelings and constantly hated myself for feeling that way because I was scared. Second, I was terrified of telling my parents because I didn’t want them to think of me differently, even though I have very loving and understanding parents. But part of me really didn’t know why I couldn’t just tell them. This caused me so much distress to hold something like that in for so long. I think some of my headaches and stomach symptoms improved once I finally had the courage to let go. During one session we spent the whole time on working through the feelings I had and the things Nancy had to say motivated me in a way that no one else had been able to show me. That night I went home and did the deed and it was so beautiful what happened. It felt unreal that I actually came out. I used a strength I never thought I had. I am forever grateful to Nancy for being the final push that allowed me to let go of that which had been causing me so much pain and distress.

      I will end this very long review by giving one more story. When I was in middle school about 8 years ago my teacher met with my parents and me to discuss how my year was going. One thing I will never forget my teacher saying at the end of the conference was that she can see that I am an amazing person who has a lot to offer, but I hide so much of what makes me special. She ended by saying, “We all want more Heather!” Ever since that day, I struggled so much with that. How do I give people more “Heather?” when I’m constantly anxious and terrified of being myself. But since doing Nancy’s sessions, I think I can finally confidently go up to my teacher, 8 years later, and say, “Here’s the Heather you always wanted me to show to the world.” I saw this same teacher recently at a reunion for my middle school and I think she could see it. I think she could see all of me now, because I went up and gave her a big hug and all she said was, “I’m so proud of you.”

      1. Wow… You just brought tears to my eyes… Thank you so much for your authentic review, daring to share your personal story in the face of all. It proves even further how far you’ve come. I’m so very proud of you. Thank you for giving your trust in undertaking my Inner-Beauty Styling program. I feel very honored.. Thank you

    2. Hi Nancy !
      I really appreciated our sessions in October… I put into practice your advice that now allows me to solve my relationship to time. And you were right! It’s already starting to help to solve other problems, such as respect for myself and others, etc.
      Knowing that you will be in Paris in December, can we book more face-to-face coaching sessions?

      Oh by the way, I received the package with your products. As always, they are excellent!
      Can you bring me a Christmas box for a friend who is excited about your products?
      See you soon
      Edwige B.

      1. Hi Edwige!
        I’m glad you’re seeing the progress! 🙂
        I knew you had it in you!
        And remember… It’s one step at a time! 😉

        Of course, I’ll find time to do our sessions in person! Skype is great but I’ll be able to give you a hug!
        (I’ll be sending you a private message with dates).

        And I’ll be sure to have Christmas boxes in my luggage! 😉
        Talk to you soon!

    3. I started working through the “Inner beauty styling” process with Nancy during the spring and can attest to the power and value of what she does. I started with Nancy in her Pilates class (as a middle-aged male who had never tried it, this was a bit of a reach in itself) and was so impressed with her passion for her mission that I decided to give her broader program a try.
      It has been a combination of short-term changes that can make an immediate impact and work on deeper challenges that can make for longer term improvements. I noticed immediate gains in my confidence and self-image – working on posture improvement and making aesthetic “tweaks” like a change in haircut or beard shape based on her careful analysis and experience. I’ve been shocked at the difference it’s truly made in my self-confidence. I’ve also made some great progress in my mental well-being.
      Working with Nancy did not give me all the answers, but it did get me asking the right questions, and the tools to answer them more honestly. Her skill at helping guide you as you find the root of your challenges is exceptional. I cannot recommend Nancy highly enough

      1. Oh thank you S.! I take this as a great compliment!
        You have been doing so much progress! I am so very honored to be able to witness this incredible evolution. I see you blossom!
        Keep up the good work! 🙂

    4. Thank You From the Bottom of My Healing Heart!!!
      For anyone on the fence about trying OUA-Stylist’s Cosmetic Therapy, take it from an early customer- I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!
      My Story:
      Nancy Renaud of OUA Stylist offered insights and observations that helped me improve not only my self-image, but my also emotional and physical health.
      After my gorgeous beach wedding to my gorgeous husband in 2013, I felt that I had won the relationship lottery, however, my newlywed bliss was overshadowed by the fact that my lifelong struggle with heart conditions had inexplicably taken a turn for the worse. I began suffering from increasingly severe palpitations that seemed to have no environmental trigger, my energy plummeted making working out nearly impossible, and as a result- I began to rapidly put on an alarming amount of weight. I went from feeling like the luckiest woman in the world to feeling unattractive and fearful of disappointing my new husband.
      My ever-supportive husband never commented on my weight, but, out of an abundance of concern, he did frequently comment on my increasing heart palpitations and lack of energy. We consulted my cardiologists who confirmed that my conditions had worsened. They advised me that if my condition continued to deteriorate, I would have to take an array of heart medications and potentially even undergo surgery.
      At this time, my dear friend, Nancy Renaud, was still in the creative process stages of developing her business and had offered to give me a Cosmetic Therapy session in exchange for my feedback. The session was to include a brisk walk and friendly conversation outdoors, followed by a fun-filled shopping trip to help me select clothing that was better suited to my body type and natural color palette. I had been looking forward to the shopping trip as a way to help me rebuild my self-esteem, and while that portion of the therapy was a great success, in was actually the walk and conversation that had the most profound impact on my life.
      As we walked around a trail on Duke University campus, Nancy and I chatted amiably as friends do. Nancy gently brought up the topic of my health, noting that there was swelling and discoloration around my eyes, as well as conceding in the most supportive and body-positive terms that I had put on quite a bit of weight in a very short amount of time and that she was concerned for me. I told her the truth- my conditions were worsening, and I was at a loss as to why. It was then that Nancy made an observation that shook me to my core: She told me that it appeared to her as though I was gaining weight around my body almost as though I were applying layers in winter to protect myself from the cold. She wondered aloud if my body was responding to stress, not only the stress of planning the wedding, but perhaps also stress from something I was afraid to face.
      While I could not think of anything I was not facing at that moment, her words rang with a certain truth that haunted me over the next several days. It was not long after that session that I finally admitted to myself that there WAS one aspect of my life I had not been able to face- a series of personal, traumatic events that had made me feel displaced in my own body. In addition to this, I also had to acknowledge that I used my emotional self-awareness as a way to suppress my emotions to make others more comfortable rather than to heal.
      While it was intensely uncomfortable to admit these things to myself, I am ecstatically happy to report that the acknowledgement Nancy’s words helped propel me towards actually inspired me to make some much-needed changes in my life. I began caring for myself the way I care for others, and as a result, I have lost over 30 lbs AND my heart conditions have improved so drastically that I require no medications to manage them.
      TO BE CLEAR:
      From my understanding, OUA Stylist does not offer a diet plan, nor does it claim to be therapy in the traditional, psychological sense- but what it does offer are insights on self-care, inside and out, from a remarkable woman who is qualified by holistic and aesthetic training as well as years of educated observation of the human condition. OUA Stylist does not claim to be a replacement for the advice of your physician, but when added to your list of trusted advisors, it can help illuminate your unique path to clarity and wellness- whether or not you choose to walk that path is up to you!

      1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Aubrey! I am so moved by your testimony. Hearing what I witnessed put into your own words, I feel like I was granted the great honor to access your heart. Thank you so very much. I’m so very glad that I was able to contribute to your wellbeing.

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