OUA Peacock

Once Upon a Peacock: An Unexpected Evolutionary Survival Story

My rainbow colors intrigue. My beauty surpasses all that you can ordinarily see and conceive. Even Charles Darwin did not know how to explain my survival through the ages. My colors – being the most remarkable – contradicted his theory of the evolution of species as they made an easy target of me. Having no means for my self-defense but my resistance to the venom of snakes, I should have attracted all dangers. On the contrary, my beauty has been my greatest protection!

Divine symbol

My colors almost have a divine bearing: The solar iridescence of my rainbow colors leaning towards a stellar blue, which is not without reminding the harmony of the universe and of all creation. In fact, in the land of Islam, my tail symbolizes the universe, the full moon and even the zenith.

For some, like a Phoenix I symbolize the renewal because I shed my old feathers of the past to replace them with the true beauty of my individuality.

Iridescence is an optical phenomenon that comes from the structure of the object being seen. Depending on the angle, the object can be perceived in different colors.

Objects that cause iridescence are composed of microstructures. (…)

The complex stacking of these microstructures (layers of scales themselves composed of striations) makes it possible to reflect the light with a different wavelength for each direction. Thus, depending on the view point, the wavelength – and therefore the color – reflected back to the observer is different.

This mechanism reflects particularly well humanity in its complexity: the successive color layers of its personality.



Irrigates the senses (from the French Iris-des-sens)

Kaleidoscopic peacock by @OUAStylist-DSC_0312mandala copy

Window to the soul

More than mere inspiration for fashion, my feathers agitate a kind of hypnotic power. When I fan my tail, a thousand eyes intimidate the observer. Like a mirror, they project to the essence of the being. These eyes observe and protect with their wide vision in all directions, from all points of views. They see the essential: our heart. They lavish unconditional compassion for all beauty. The specter of my colors illuminates the entirety of the being. Completeness is reavealed: the fusion of all aspects that constitute the person.

I am the path to integrity. I show you how to bring out your true colors. I teach you to be happy in your own skin while releasing any sense of guilt you may have in becoming who you are. You will fall off the masks; be you; and you will no longer be afraid of being magnificent.

A Mirror of You

A person is:

  • the choice of their words,
  • the way they say those words,
  • the tone they choose,
  • but also their facial expressions and the posture of their whole body when they utter the words.

To meet a person is to see their appearance, their exterior. But to really listen to them, it is with the eyes of the heart that one connects to their interior. As you will have understood, you are much more than you believe. All of you is talking. And I see through true beauty, the one that comes from within. Let us bring it out. “Shine, instead of shying away from situations or people”…

With OUAStylist, I transcend the ordinary look and I see you beyond appearances with the eye of Beauty, Intuition, Authenticity and Pure Vision. nature-animale-oiseau-paon_121-52626     You arrive as a White Peacock and you depart with elegance by embodying your own colors. Come increase your radiance and your image through me. You will open your eyes – or close them to truly see. You will concentrate on your light and transform what is not working to sublimate the whole. Beauty will appear at the same time as a new look. I am sure you know what I’m talking about. You already feel deep within you that there is an absolute space of harmony and magnificence. You already have the aspiration to find the beautiful in you and around you. You will naturally express your beauty through your gestures and your whole being. The beauty of your heart will harmonize your interior and exterior. OUAStylist will be your guide for your Inner-Beauty Styling… and beYOUtiful!


What if you were the one telling the story:

“Once upon a time … there was … ME !!!”

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