Face aesthetics

Proportions that create harmony

The face is our vector of expression. Apart from, if you wear a mask, this tool is what is seen first when you exchange with another person. Beauty is a matter of harmonious proportions, let’s make the most of them!

It is scientifically proven that the appeal of a face depends mainly on its proportions. But beware; perfection or exact symmetry is not what nature seeks. Perhaps have you experienced seeing half of your face and it’s its other half reflected in the mirror? Well it’s strange because the perfect symmetry is robotic! We are organic beings and we prefer movement. That’s why, here, I will not defend cosmetic surgery but rather the enhancement of the person’s natural beauty.

There are several means at hand:

  1. Hair removal:
  • One eye is slightly smaller than the other? We can play on the eyebrow shape to compensate.
  1. Makeup:
  • Color theory to respect the color harmony of the person according to his/her hair, eyes and complexion (hue of the skin).
  • Chiaroscuro: for example a jaw wider than the proportions of an oval face, I would illuminate the upper face (To learn more about the techniques of “correction” click here.)

It all comes down to identify the assets of your face to enhance them while learning to know how to mitigate what is less harmonious (which is often noticed first by the human eye because everything out of the ordinary stands out in the positive sense as much as in the negative).

We will use this propensity to our advantage; to value you! You will come out with your head up!

– Nancy with OUAStylist to serve you –