Hair Styling

When Hair and Shape of the Face are One

The haircut is significant and has an impact on several levels:

  1. Face harmony – When the hair cut does not correspond to the face shape; most often it provokes disharmony that the common eye senses without being able to recognize it. So, to bring harmony to your facial features, adjustments of the hairstyle will complement your natural beauty.
  2. For each face shape corresponds its own set of harmonious styles. (More examples with specific articles here.)
    1. For women, the oval features the most proportionate face shape. Therefore, through hairstyling, the goal is to balance all other face shapes to align with the softness that the standard shape provides.
    2. For men on the contrary, a square jaw and angles will be favored. Hence, special care and attention will be applied to the facial hair shape and thickness as well as the hairstyle. (find out more)
  3. Personality – Hair styling is a very useful feature that can be adapted to the needs and desires of more charisma or softness!  Angles are “harsher” than curves that round the edges. So, a straight short haircut may seem more severe than layers that evoke more flexibility.

Hairstyle is important but only one factor to the whole package!

– Nancy with OUAStylist at your service!