Fasting, or the terrible feeling of being hungry!

Nancy Chapel hill night 2012-6-2

As yesterday was the Spring Equinox, a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon – all at once, and my mind and body were going crazy lately! I decided I should fast to cleanse my body of all the bad things I inflicted upon it for months now. It would clear my digestive system and set it back to zero. As I’m only drinking water, it would also cleanse the toxins and help loose the swellness created by accumulated stress… That was the perfect idea last night. Of course, that was without considering my waking up the next morning…

Today, I feel all my energy, good thoughts and kindness slipping away from me! I’ve become a terrible, angry, hungry junky in want of food! I haven’t left my bedroom, as I fear I would kill someone! My bed is my warden in what feels to be a rehab session!!!! HELP!!!

A friend suggested I read so I put my mind off things. But food images keep popping in my devious mind! Avocadoes, grapefruits, and then it’s a yummy desert of my favorite coffee ice-cream topped with home-made whipped-cream… Ok, if you hear that I have ODed on my book because my stomach couldn’t take more of the pages I ingested from my beloved Fifty Shades of Grey… You may write on my obituary: “Here lies the mind of Nancy D. Renaud, who at age 28 stopped thinking; and led by hunger, she choked on the last pages of her book.”

Ok, this might go a little too far. We’ll see how I feel about this tomorrow morning when my fasting is over with and I’m proud of my deed.

Feel free to share your experience and/or help me through mine!

I wish you a great day!

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One thought on “Fasting, or the terrible feeling of being hungry!

  1. super blog et post! j’ai adore le lire, et te lire… a “jeun” n’est autre que “jeune”… comme ton esprit et ton Coeur… comme tes sourrires pour toujours… avec tout simplement un petit “e” qui est parti en promenade sur des sentiers ensoleilles… comme ton esprit et ton Coeur… comme tes sourrires et pour toujours…
    Bisous <3

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