Freesia – Freedom?!


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This is a quick post on something in appearance futile, but that is exactly what one should beware of. DO NOT LET DAYS GO BY WITHOUT HAVING A PURPOSE! Ok, the lesson is clear: you need to accomplish something everyday or at least find something interesting an a daily basis. I already hear you say that not everyday something happens! Well, that is the purpose of this post. Great things can reside in the little things and can end up being among the greatest to you!

Here the subject is a flower. It could appear to be nothing more than just a mere plant. Why do I even care?! What matters is WHAT, WHEN and WHERE.

This flower was given to me the other day by a couple of visitors from Melbourne lost in the metro. I was mesmerized by the bright yellow their bouquet was radiating from – which I was thinking would be perfect to match some of the colors in my living room! So I asked them what it was?! Of course, it was only after they kindly offered to give me one of their Freesia that I was granted the unexpected pleasure of its beautiful sweet citrus smell. Indeed, in my opinion, smell is a requirement for the choice of flowers. Without smell, a beautiful flower has no soul.

This brings me back to our purpose here. An impromptu encounter brought to me a beautiful flower (that was, of course hiding an extra meaning) and I in return, brought them a smile when I offered them my help to find their way in the faster manner.

So what is the lesson here?

To me, everything in life, even and mostly, the little things matter. This flower means to me because of it bears the memory of how I got it, but its species has meaning by essence. According to the, in the language of flowers, Freesia are said to symbolize innocence and friendship and represent the 7th wedding anniversary flower. I believe that everything happens for a reason. To me, it came as a reminder of what matters: here it was about Innocence and Friendship. I dared asking for the name of those beautiful flowers they were holding, and in return, I happened to be able to help them.

Always dare following what your guts tell you to do, it will always do you and the world good.

Cherish everyday!

Good day!

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One thought on “Freesia – Freedom?!

  1. Reminds me that the other day I was having a walk in my beloved neighborhood, and my attention was brought on a poster at the grocery store : pictures of roses and the names corresponding. I always loved to discover the names behing the flowers, I couldn’t imagine there were so many types of roses !
    Later I was walking in the residential part and I took a picture of a front door where you can find a bag with a message printed on it, which I could translate as “love blooms here”. The project behind this bag was idealized by an artist of the neighborhood : she wanted to map the places where a great love story is hidden, hang a bag their, and in the end anyone could write their story on a paper and put it in one of these bags you can see walking by the streets of the area.
    Your article made me think about it, because the rose is the symbol of love, and each rose has a different name so it can be memorized as something special. Then again, in all those bags, you will probably discover a lot of names that all hide a particular love story that is now revealed thanks to this artist to let more space for the passion to flourish in our lives, even during an innocent walk !
    It is quite possible we lived these experiences on the same day !

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