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Another feather in my hat

So many people have asked me through the years:

What is so special about the OUAStylist approach of style?

It’s always been difficult for me to explain with my own words. The one thing that keeps resurfacing is the engraved image of each person I worked with who came out of a 2h session with a spark in their eyes… It always gets me. They stand differently… I’ll never be tired of being a witness to such beauty. It’s like an energy shift at the same time…

But recently one of my first clients decided to write me a review!!! It was so nicely written –almost like a short-story– that I thought it best to just let YOU decide what OUAStylist MakeOvers are all about!

Aubrey's testimony

(which you can also find posted under the MakeOver page)

“I LOVE to mix colors and patterns to make beautiful, unique outfits that really express who I am inside!”, she exclaimed rhapsodically.

I was standing in a store, staring skeptically at a daring outfit combination hand-selected for me by Once-Upon-AStylist founder (and my new fashion guru) Nancy Renaud. My dubious gaze bounced back and forth between the boldly audacious jumpsuit, and the boldly audacious woman who was holding it up for my approval. Sporting skinny jeans, high-heels, and a blue and yellow striped blouse, perfectly paired with a multicolored scarf punctuated with industrial-looking rivets, she looked like she had just strutted off of a Parisian catwalk; her impeccably coiffed hair was styled to emphasize the makeup she had tailored to complement her outfit. I, on the other hand, having thrown on my usual gray leggings, black tee-shirt, gray duster sweater and black knee-high boots, hair in a no-fuss ponytail and makeup as minimal as I could manage, looked like I had just stumbled out of a support meeting for the recently hopeless. Gray and black had become something of a uniform for me in the past few years. For me, colors were exceedingly rare….patterns were an unequivocal NO.

“Face it-“, she said gently but firmly, “-you are stuck in a fashion rut! Just try them on; if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong”, she shrugged.

I finally relented and took the colorful selection of clothes from her manicured hands. She chatted cheerfully to me in the dressing room while I quickly donned the first outfit. I figured the faster I got it on, the faster I could take it off and return to the safety of my own, nondescript duds. I fastened the buttons and looked in the mirror and… my jaw dropped open! I couldn’t believe what I saw! Gone was the mousy, wan-looking reflection I had been expecting, and in its place was a vibrant, youthful-looking woman.

“We-ell?” Nancy asked in her charming, French accent.
I opened the door with a ridiculously large grin on my face and executed a playful spin so she could admire her handiwork.

“Très jolie!” She gasped enthusiastically.

I was sold! I spent the next hour happily trying on any and every piece of clothing she brought in for me- each article chosen specifically to compliment my personal body shape, coloring, and personality. I agonized over which items to purchase, but Nancy was with me every step of the way and together we chose the most best and most versatile outfit combinations.

The best part? I didn’t have to break the bank to look and feel like a star! Everything Nancy had selected was well within my budget! Thanks to Nancy’s expert advice, I was able to find my own inner-stylist, and now I am not afraid to put together unique, sometimes even daring outfits that allow me to feel the most natural and beautiful I have felt in a long long while. Thank you OUAStylist!!!!!

A. Hancock
– Raleigh, NC”

In her honor, I just finalized a photo-art composition that you can see as the featured image. She inspired me so much. I hope it will bring you some joy as well.

Just a quick explanation why

For me, STYLE isn’t only about clothes and fashion – it actually is NOT for the most part. I get my inspirations for color composition and shape patterns mostly from nature and of course… from you! In my mind, clothes are to become an extension of you! So YOU are the starting point for any outfit inspiration! 

Thank you for reading. Remember… Be natural, be beautiful, be you!!



How do you feel about clothes and nature?
Please, feel free to comment below to start a conversation!

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