Blue Monday ?

A sad Monday … for everyone?!

Yesterday was the third Monday of January. It was re-named “Blue Monday” because it seems like it would be the saddest day of the year. But even if this is a marketing maneuver to encourage us to spend on various pick-me-ups! 😉 It is true that I found myself in the following unpleasant situation:

  1. For starters, it was a MONDAY !!!!
  2. It’s THE time of the month … the moon cycle women are sensitive to… (I’m sure do not have to draw you a picture!)
  3. I am on the other side of the Atlantic for the 3rd day now but without my sweetheart to my side, nor any of my points of reference…

But that’s where Blue Monday turned out NOT to be so blue after all!

Oh yes! I am here in Zebulon, NC for a good and beautiful reason! (If you think that I chose a city that pays homage to a cute French cartoon character’s name? Of course I did not. But it does bring a smile to my day every time I think of it! 😉

  • I am here to finally build and develop my business project!
  • I live at my “Soul Sister’s”!
  • And what’s more, I have my sweetheart’s unconditional support. Isn’t it all wonderful?!

Besides, the various marketing operations allowed me to enjoy interesting discounts while contributing greatly to cheer me up!

So if Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day! Let’s make it give way to more sun in our heads instead!

How did it go for you?!

Feel free to share with me your experience of this deadly day in a comment below 😉


– Nancy –


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